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Our Story

Remnant Heirlooms is a boutique floral artistry studio located in a quaint south Florida beach town, specializing in storytelling through the preservation, restoration, and transformation of flowers and botanicals. Our desire is to preserve the emotions of the past by restoring the expression of your senses through the transformation of becoming.

Our hope is that every time you wear your hand-dyed garment created from your flowers, you would allow yourself to be emotionally and imaginatively transported back to the moments of your day. We believe that these garments are more than just pretty clothes but, tangible reminders of our stories that want to be told to our families, our friends, and even strangers on the street (trust me, you will be stopped and asked about your garment). They are opportunities to share our lives with others! We know that our stories are not just for us today, but to be handed to future generations. We are honored to created timeless and beautiful pieces that reflect love, your love.


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